Frequently Asked Questions!


Why do I need to take driving Lessons?

Our instructors routinely deal with the RTA and therefore understand the scoring methods and commonly used test courses – students benefit from this knowledge. We also utilise the best techniques to ensure that you learn the finer points of driving that will help you become a competent safe driver.


How many lessons will I need?

As a rule of thumb, complete beginners can be taught to drive in approximately 10-12 lessons. The exact number of lessons will really depend on each individuals skill level, amout of practice, ability to learn and level of confidence. Your instructor will be in a better position to discuss your own individual needs after your 1st lesson To complete the ACT log book system requires a minimum of 6 hours – this can be achieved by students who are experienced and competent learner drivers.


When should I organise professional driving lessons?

To build your confidence and avoid developing bad habits you should organise 1-2 lessons as soon as possible after you obtain your Learner Licence. In this way we can teach the essentials required to drive correctly and safely.


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