Highly competitive prices

Understandably, potential students and their parents are always keen to know upfront how many lessons it will take to get a provisional license.

Every individual is different and needs to be assessed before a determination can be made by our instructors. The amount of lessons required is influenced by a number of factors, including skill level, experience and ability to learn. Your instructor will be in a better position to discuss your own individual needs after your 1st lesson.

The ACT log book system requires a minimum of 6 hours of driving instruction – this can be achieved by students who are experienced and competent learner drivers. The ACT Government also requires a minimum number of hours (100) logged before a license will be issued.

For students, 1 driving instruction lesson = 3 hours in your log book!

1 Hour Lesson   =   $85

Standard hourly rate. If required, more than one lesson may be purchased at the Paypal checkout.

Payment Information:

  • Payment required prior to lesson
  • Credit card and cash accepted
  • To protect you, payments are proccessed through Paypal

You don’t need to have a paypal account to use this facility!