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“Hi Mick, just wanted to thank you for getting Loz through this morning, and signed off in time for her birthday. Due to the experience her older brother had received when he’d had a couple of lessons through a driving school, I was reluctant to go down that track again. (Things like the instructor just not bothering to show up or only ever giving him 45 minutes when she did show up). I’d be very happy to recommend Trek to any of my friends (and have done so). Have been very impressed by your professionalism and reliability. I know Lauren found you easy to deal with. Thank you once again. Cheers” …………Lenore Cuthbert


“Thanks Mick getting my P’s later today you helped heaps ” …………Brock


“Thanks Mick! Everything was done in such a professional manner, I would recommend Trek Driving to anyone! I can’t wait to get my P’s on thursday! Thanks heaps for all your help” ………. Lauren


“To the team at Trek Driving Lessons – I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you did in teaching my son to drive. As a parent it is always a confronting issue when it comes time for your kids to get out on the road on their own. Not only did you teach him to drive, he also now has a healthy respect for the road rules and other drivers on the road. I feel confident that he is now well equiped to deal with any of the many situations that may be presented to a young driver on our roads. I will always recommend you to any parent looking for a driving instructor in the future. It’s people like you that help to make our roads safer. Keep up the good work” …….Sarah Murphy


Thanks Mick! for teaching me how to be a great driver Thanks for making me feel not as stressed and nervous when driving You are a great instructer! Having my P’s is great! Thanks so much!! ……….Alison McLauchlan


“Thanks Mick!  Having my P’s is great. Learnt so much and so fast with Trek, very happy with everything! Strongly recommend for anyone whose looking to get their P’s” ……..Gracie